photo by  Jason LeCras

photo by Jason LeCras

nice things people have said

“Eva Hagberg Fisher is a very bright, marvelously articulate, and enormously talented writer. I know her work well, and I have worked with her. This is an author to savor both reading and meeting.” - Thomas Farber, author of The Beholder and Here and Gone


“Eva Hagberg Fisher is a gift to this world. Her astute understanding of the way we work as humans- and the way she can turn that understanding into compassion, love, and stories- is something to behold. I wish her to be my secret, but I know, as with all gifts, that they are best shared. To not have the world know her way with words, her use of language, and her beautiful and radical empathy would be a travesty. Her writing is necessary and heart-mending.” - Jennifer Pastiloff, writer, yoga teacher, founder of On Being Human workshops and author of the forthcoming On Being Human


“Eva is an incredible wit. She has a unique sense of humor and a skill in capturing both the bizarre and tender moments of life in words. How she shares her perspective is a delight for any reader. I have laughed and cried in equal measure. She has the ability to be both witness and vulnerable subject of her observations. Deeply in touch with what it means to be human.” - Michelle Cordero, my yoga teacher trainer