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advance praise

“It is the revelation that love can be unconditional and profound that makes this memoir stand out from many similar ones. Fisher is not just another survivor of a grave illness; she has been transformed by letting another person love her without constraint. A well-written, emotionally uplifting tale of friendships, extreme illnesses, and understanding what love truly means.” —Kirkus Reviews  

“An inherently engaging, impressively compelling read from beginning to end, How to Be Loved is extraordinarily well written and ultimately inspiring.” The Midwest Book Review

"A searing, funny, painstakingly crafted memoir that never goes for the obvious." — Kristi Coulter, author of Nothing Good Can Come From This

"Eva Hagberg Fisher's story is the most beautiful sort of instruction manual. Through each harrowing, awkward, compelling, and heart-aching turn of the author's journey we glimpse the way a transformation is forged. Illness, addiction, and uncertainty are torments, but for some of us, asking for help can be the hardest challenge of all. This memoir is for us. It reminded me that every kind of healing is helped by the brave act of letting ourselves be loved. I would read it every day, if I could."   —Melissa Febos, author of Whip Smart and Abandon Me

"Eva Hagberg Fisher's captivating HOW TO BE LOVED is more than a coming-of-age memoir that moved me to tears — it's also a fascinating medical mystery wrapped in a love story, but not the kind you're necessarily picturing. Hagberg Fisher shows us that the most deeply felt love isn't always romantic, that our chosen families can love us just as much (if not more) than our biological ones, and that sometimes, the hardest part of loving someone else is allowing them to love us back."  —Doree Shafrir, author of Startup

“Most of us are taught to keep our innermost thoughts to ourselves, to bide our time with the hope that they may sort themselves into something more conventional, more palatable. Eva Hagberg Fisher’s unforgettable memoir skillfully upends this concept: it shows us the great bravery and priceless value of reckoning openly with the emotions that feel too vulnerable to express, the relationships too happy-making to believe, the friendships too bolstering and vital to endanger with – the horror! – our well-earned gratitude. How to Be Loved is so much more than a stirring travelogue through the world of illness; it is a powerful look at how personal bonds make our lives healthier even when we may be too preoccupied – or too fearful – to appreciate them.” – Rakesh Satyal, author of Blue Boy and No One Can Pronounce My Name

"HOW TO BE LOVED bravely illuminates the widely shared experiences of addiction, illness, sex, love and friendship, with a level of depth and intimacy that brought me to the brink of existential fear while making me laugh out loud. . . . I highly recommend this book to anyone who’s ever been reassured that ‘everything will be fine’ when they really want others to honor the terror that maybe it won't; and to anyone who’s ever been brave enough to push through that terror—as a patient, caretaker, friend or lover—to what lies on the other side.” —Adam Nemett, author of We Can Save Us All

“Eva Hagberg Fisher is a very bright, marvelously articulate, and enormously talented writer. I know her work well, and I have worked with her. This is an author to savor both reading and meeting.” —Thomas Farber, author of The Beholder and Here and Gone

“Eva Hagberg Fisher is a gift to this world. Her astute understanding of the way we work as humans- and the way she can turn that understanding into compassion, love, and stories- is something to behold. I wish her to be my secret, but I know, as with all gifts, that they are best shared. To not have the world know her way with words, her use of language, and her beautiful and radical empathy would be a travesty. Her writing is necessary and heart-mending.” —Jennifer Pastiloff, author of the forthcoming On Being Human